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Pendragon: Book of Battle

W sieci jest już dostępny Book of Battle, dodatek do piątek edycji gry fabularnej King Arthur Pendragon.

Dzięki Book of Battle będziesz mógł rozegrać wielkie bitwy, w których twój bohater odegra kluczową rolę, dowodząc swoimi armiami. Dodatek w PDF można kupić za pośrednictwem DriveThruRPG lub RPGNow w cenie $19.99.

Deadly, brutal mass mayhem at the behest of his lord is a knight’s duty. When thousands of men gather to kill and die, your knight can now lead the way. Battle is the never-ending scenario, the adventure that is repeated a hundred times, different every time.

This book is about your small unit amidst the dust and blood as hundreds of knights as confused or brave or murderous as you confront their fate with weapon in hand. Battle resolution uses the existing King Arthur Pendragon rules system, allowing you to concentrate on the over two dozen tactical maneuvers at your disposal.

The system allows your knight to be involved throughout the battle.

And yes, you can turn the tide of battle, for better or worse!

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