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Protodimension #8

W sieci dostępny jest ósmy numer magazynu Protodimension, poświęconego konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.

W ósmym numerze znajdziecie:

  • Strikeface, Fiction and Gear by Phil Ward for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Renegade ETs, a Dissection by T. Mike McCurley for Dark Conspiracy®
  • My Madness Dances With Me, Poetry by Norm Fenlason
  • Cybertech Implants, HighTek Implants by Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy®
  • 110101, Fiction that Bugs You by Capt Obvious
  • Hive Queen, Bugs Left Out of 7 by Dave Schuey for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Out Here In The Black, a Dark Conspiracy Poem by Peyton Bisaillon
  • Flash Backs, Another Classic RPG Review by Marcus Bone for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Using Thermal Imagers in RPGs, a Tech Check by Kevin O’Neill
  • A Little Fear Rising, an Interview with Jason L. Blair by Marcus Bone
  • Major Salt, Mercenary Fiction by Capt. Obvious
  • The Tablet of Leng, a Modern Age Adventure, by Tad Kelson for Call of Cthulhu®
  • Ammunition, Ammo-a-plenty by Zvezda and Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Loss and Not Found, Fiction by CW Kelson III (Tad)
  • On the Bus Going Somewhere, A Dark Seed by CW Kelson III (Tad) for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Back Page: After Armageddon, Poetry by Clark Ashton Smith

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Protodimension to kwartalny, darmowy magazyn poświęcony konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.