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Protodimension #7

W sieci dostępny od lutego jest siódmy numer magazynu Protodimension, poświęconego konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.

W siódmym numerze znajdziecie:

  • From The Shadows By Norm Fenlason
  • When a Cold Heart Comes to Call a Mini-Adventure by Dave Schuey for Dark Conspiracy®
  • dark story Fiction by Andrew Gardner-Blatch
  • Where Have They Gone? Poetry by Eleanor Williams
  • Wheels of Terror an Adventure by Linden Dunham for Cold City®
  • Flash Backs a Classic RPG Review by Marcus Bone for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Grim Wisdom a “Grim” Interview by Lee Williams
  • The Container Witchcraft Fiction by Kevin Dawson
  • Canadian Content Northern Dark Races by Tim Bisaillon for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Friendly Fire a Mekong Delta Adventure by Peter Bowkett for Call of Cthulhu®
  • The Coney a New Dark Race by Tad Kelson for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Not Much Larger Than a Cat Minion Hunter Fiction by Joel Steverson
  • Rasputin a Dark Lord by Norm Fenlason for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Decrepit Blade Dark Weapons by Tad Kelson for a Pair of Systems
  • Floorboards RPG Bits by Lee Williams

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Protodimension to kwartalny, darmowy magazyn poświęcony konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.