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13. numer „Protodimension”

W sieci dostępny jest trzynasty numer darmowego magazynu „Protodimension”, poświęconego konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.

W trzynastym numerze znajdziecie:

  • The Litany of Chaugnar Faugn, a Cthuloid Poem by David T. St. Albans Translated from the Necronomicon
  • Highland Stench, Somethings Smells in Scotland by Lee William and Norm Fenlason for Dark Conspiracy
  • Nocturnally Yours, Seasonal Poetry by Kar Ess
  • Tragedy of the Commons, a Role-Playing Game by Jeff Moeller
  • The Queen of the Changing Seasons, a Halloween Scenario by Jeff Moeller for Tragedy of the Commons
  • Sons of Albion, an Empathic Underground, by Lee Williams and Norm Fenlason for Dark Conspiracy
  • Come to Me, Poetry by Kar Ess
  • Clifton Magna, Dorset, UK, a location by Linden Dunham for Call of Cthulhu
  • The Ningyo, a Dark Race by Norm Fenlason for Dark Conspiracy
  • Rico JC2 Signature Model, Weapons, for Dark Conspiracy
  • Three Babies and a Shoggoth, an Adventure by Dave Schuey for Call of Cthulhu (D20)
  • Sacks and Claws, Fiction by C W Kelson III (Tad)
  • Red Dots and Occurrences, an Interstitial Adventure by CW Kelson III (Tad)
  • Gilboa Snake, double the firepower for the discerning Minion Hunter by Lee Williams for Dark Conspiracy
  • The Corner of 5th and 15th, a Dark Seed Location by CW Kelson III (Tad) a System Independent Location
  • Self-Guiding Bullets?, Talking Tech by Kevin O’Neill Non-System Specific
  • A Long Day, Poetry ,by CW Kelson III (Tad)
  • Hollow Life, Even More Fiction by CW Kelson III (Tad)

PDF ściągniecie za darmo ze strony magazynu Protodimension.

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Protodimension to kwartalny, darmowy magazyn poświęcony konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.