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ZWEIHÄNDER – gra fabularna ponurych i niebezpiecznych przygód

Już tej jesieni premierę będzie miał ZWEIHÄNDER – nowa gra fabularna dark fantasy w staroszkolnym stylu z elementami nowoczesnych mechanik.

Za grę odpowiedzialny jest Daniel Fox. Oprawą graficzną zajmie się znany z Liber Fanatica – magazynu dla fanów Warhammera – Jussi Alarauhio.

ZWEIHÄNDER korzystać będzie z mechaniki procentowej, znanej między innymi z drugiej edycji Warhammera, zmodyfikowanej o nowe rozwiązania. Gra osadzona będzie w „agnostycznym” świecie.

Podręcznik główny będzie dostępny w druku na żądanie i w PDF. Premiera przewidziana jest na jesień 2012 roku.

Na forum gry opublikowano podstawowe założenia systemu:

OPEN CHOICE GROWTH. Your Starting Career defines who you are, but doesn’t determine who you will become. You can grow in whichever direction makes sense for your character in the story or in the narrative over the course of a campaign! You are no longer constrained to follow career exits. Your intermediate and advanced tier lets you dictate how you want to invest into your character, using the same math behind building Starting Careers. Want to become a better fighter? Invest in Melee. Want to become a farmer? Invest in the Tradecraft (agriculture) skill. Want to learn how to use sorcery? Invest in the Invocation skill. Want to become public enemy number one? Invest in the Infamous talent. It’s that simple!

EVERYBODY MATTERS. With the distribution of skills, there should be little if any overlap at the table. This means you are well-trained in the things you know, and you’re likely going to be the best at using those abilities, no matter what! Skill expertise and mastery are built into the starting career, so even as you move through the intermediate and advanced tiers, you will always have the strongest focus on the skills acquired during your starting career.

LIVE LONGER, MOVE FASTER. No more fiddling with wound and movement purchases. They’re tied to your characteristics, and that’s it! Everyone grows at the same time at different rates, but you’re no longer constrained by wound purchases by career. Wounds are tied to Toughness, movement is tied to Agility. That’s it!

SEPARATE BUT EQUAL. Everyone now can enjoy the same number of skills, attribute bumps and talents as everyone else around the table. Every character is build differently (and no two Protagonists will ever be the same), but has the same distribution of things to choose from.

NO OPPOSED TESTS. Either you succeed or fail. If you have a chance to avoid it, you roll a saving throw. Simple and smart – that’s it!

and as a part of success/failure comes…

CRITICALS MATTER. No more calculating degrees of success. Criticals hinge off your ability to roll doubles. Roll a double and you succeed on your roll, you get a crit. Roll a double and you fail on your roll, you fail.

NO MORE DIVISION.No more dividing skills in half and rounding up; untrained Ordinary skills are equal to your Characteristic, whereas trained Ordinary Skills add +10%!

CAREER-SPECIFIC UNIQUE TALENTS. Your Starting Career gives you two talents that no one else can purchase or buy. Some are combat-related, others are intrigue-related. Either way, you get stuff no else at the table can purchase or invest into!

NO MORE FUZZY MATH. The math makes much, much more sense. Every roll adheres to a unified math, and sticks to it. It leaves the guesswork out of character creation and GM play, and allows for future customization without a boatload of house rules!

Więcej informacji na stronie gry.

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