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Hael: Eurellia – The Pirate Haven

Wydawnictwo StoryWeaver wprowadziło do sprzedaży Eurellia – The Pirate Haven, scenariusz do Hael, settingu Savage Worlds, w którym orkowie i gnolle po wygraniu wojny muszą zmierzyć się z nową siłą obcego pochodzenia.

Eurellia – The Pirate Haven może być rozegrany jako kontynuacja scenariusza Night of the Long Fangs lub jako osobna przygoda.

East of Glowbane, hidden among the islands where the Sealander River meets the Sea of Stars, and sheltered by razor-sharp reefs, Eurellia has grown from a tiny outpost to a bustling trade town – trading in slaves! Here, pirates rub shoulders with merchants who are none-too-picky about who they sell to, or where the goods they buy (at steep discounts) come from. The laws are determined (and countermanded) by a triumvirate of feuding Daeorc bandits, and enforced with the fastest swords and darkest magic… but all loyalties are negotiable. The one hard-and-fast rule of Eurellia, punishable by the curse of a slow death, is that the location of Eurellia remains a secret known only to those who have sworn their fealty to its rulers. To live in Eurellia is to be a criminal, pirate, or worse… forever shunned by the civilized people of both the Dominion and the Empire.

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Podręcznik główny do settingu Hael  dostępny jest w PDF za pośrednictwem DriveThruRPG za $15.95.

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