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Protodimension #12

W sieci dostępny jest dwunasty numer darmowego magazynu Protodimension, poświęconego konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.

W dwunastym numerze znajdziecie:

  • Anglerfish, Fiction by Neil A. Armstrong
  • Beasties of the Great White North, Canadian Critters by Tim Bisaillon for Dark Conspiracy 1st ed.
  • Left 4 Dead, A Savage Worlds Adventure by Jason Paul McCartan for Savage Worlds
  • Get Around Town, A Demon Seed by Lee Williams for Dark Conspiracy
  • Dust, A Proto-Dimension by Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy
  • Now Batting…, An Interview with Angus Abranson by Lee Williams
  • Not in Kansas Anymore, Fiction by CW Kelson III (Tad)
  • Paid in Blood, A Mini-RPG of Superstition and Settling Scores by James Mullen
  • The Gepard M6 Lynx Anti-Materiel Rifle, A heavy hitting rifle for the war against the Darklings by Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Good Dog, Fido Fiction by Captain Obvious
  • Second Century, New Millennium, Packing Minion-Hunter Heat by Lee Williams for Dark Conspiracy®
  • Ampney Down, Eldritch Horror by Linden Dunham for Call of Cthulhu®

PDF ściągniecie za darmo ze strony magazynu Protodimension.

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Protodimension to kwartalny, darmowy magazyn poświęcony konwencji grozy i horroru w grach fabularnych.