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STALKER – The SciFi Roleplaying Game

W sklepie DriveThruRPG dostępna jest, oparta na powieści braci Strugackich Piknik na skraju drogi, gra fabularna STALKER – The SciFi Roleplaying Game.

Gracze wcielają się w role tzw. Stalkerów, śmiałków poszukujących artefaktów, dziwnych przedmiotów i skarbów w Zonach, miejscach, gdzie z niewyjaśnionych powodów prawa natury oszalały, powołując do życia potwory i inne śmiertelnie niebezpieczne anomalie.

Gra korzysta z bezkostkowej mechaniki FLOW, wspierającej udział graczy w narracji oraz ich immersję. Liczący 244 strony podręcznik można zamówić za pośrednictwem DriveThruRPG za $27.54.

In the Zones, the laws of nature have gone insane. Deadly anomalies defy logic and reason. Monsters roam the streets of dead cities and the bones of the fallen crack beneath your feet. No one knows what really happened, nor do they really care. The World wants the Zones closed off, walled in and forgotten. The governments were only too happy to oblige and gave them away to the Institute.

The Institute answers to no one.

The borderlands between our world and the Zones are now lawless frontiers where the Institute wields absolute power. Zone refugees are hunted like animals. Scientists experiment on human captives. Criminal activity of every kind flourishes in the shadow of the border, well and truly beyond the reach of law.

Even in the Zones, there things that people want. Things that promise the impossible; infinite energy, the cure for all ailments, or the power to rewrite fate. Leaders, businessmen and generals would kill to get their hands on them, or to keep from the hands of others. Which is why you are here. Looter. Criminal. Stalker.

If you come back with swag – it’s a miracle

If you come back alive – it’s a success

If the patrol bullets miss you – it’s luck

And as for anything else – that’s fate

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