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Exalted: Masters of Jade w druku na żądanie

Wydawnictwo White Wolf wprowadziło do sprzedaży w opcji druku na żądanie Masters of Jade, dodatek do gry fabularnej Exalted.

Dodatek skupia się na kupcach oraz Gildii. W środku znajdziecie też nowy system do opowiadania historii o dużej skali, dotyczących ekonomii, wojen i samego imperium.

Masters of Jade dostępny jest za pośrednictwem DriveThruRPG w PDF za $10.99 lub w druku na żądanie za $14.99.

Merchant princes and trader kings, masters of jade and emperor thieves; salesmen born with the trick of selling fire to the gods; genius tacticians and profiteers, hailed by the Fair Folk for their treachery; the Guild is the greatest roll of mortal merchants the world has ever known. For seven centuries the Guild has dealt in coins, chains, spells, and souls, confounding even the might of the Realm—what will it buy and sell to secure its survival in the Time of Tumult? Will the Exalted become its partners, its masters, or its pawns?

This book includes:
• An examination of the Guild by Direction, from the mammoth caravans of the North to the great merchant fleets of the West.
• Details of the Guild’s commerce with the supernatural, from the hungry Fair Folk to the restless ghosts of the Timeless Order of Manacle and Coin.
• The Creation-Ruling Mandate, a new system for telling large-scale stories of economics, empire, and warfare.

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