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Zostań mimem w It’s Behind You!

Wydawnictwo Cakebread & Walton w ramach zbliżających się Świąt udostępniło za darmo mini grę fabularną It’s Behind You!, w której gracze wcielają się w mimów grających w kiepskiej pantomimie.

Liczący 25 stron plik PDF ściągniecie ze strony wydawnictwa.

It’s Behind You! (IBY) is a simple and light-hearted role-playing game, where the players pretend to be Characters in a pantomime. A typical game or “performance” shouldn’t last longer than a few hours. IBY is set firmly in the English pantomime tradition – where nearly everyone cross-dresses; every other sentence is a pun; the hero constantly slaps their own thighs, sings soulful ballads and ends up marrying into royalty; the villain is hissed and booed; dames wear big frilly bloomers, which are routinely exposed to the world; and people can disappear from plain sight by hiding “behind you”.

A “performance” (a single session of IBY) should tell a complete traditional panto story (or a non-traditional panto story, if you’re feeling brave). The story is told by a Narrator (the games master, who sets the scene and interprets the rules) and Characters (the alter egos of the players of the game). Unlike in a real panto, the Narrator and the players can change the story as they go along, visit different locations and generally have fun playing over-the-top Characters in the cheesy world of festive theatre.

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