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Exalted: In Hunting A Monster

Wydawnictwo White Wolf poinformowało o wprowadzeniu do sprzedaży In Hunting A Monster, przygody do gry fabularnej Exalted.

Liczący 40 stron PDF ściągniecie za pośrednictwem DriveThruRPG w cenie $6.99.

They are the brave princes of the earth who guard against the wicked and dreadful Anathema-kings of old. They are the thin scarlet line between the most civilized Realm and the barbarians at the gate. They are the shikari-the warriors who form the Wyld Hunt. And this is a story of what happens when duty goes wrong.

What happens when the indomitable hunt is hunting the wrong target? When they are ready for one demon-breed but end up against another? And, most important, what happens when the hunters must hunt their own?

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