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Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide Part 4

Wydawnictwo White Wolf wypuściło czwartą i ostatnią część Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide, dodatku do systemu Werewolf the Forsaken.

Ostatnia część, nosząca tytuł To Rip Asunder, oferuje nowe, alternatywne podejście do grania w Werewolf the Forsaken, z uproszczoną mechaniką. PDF zakupicie na DriveThruRPG w cenie 3,99$. Możecie też kupić cały dodatek za 9,99$.

Now that we’ve taken, given and created something new, we’re going to make like Uratha and tear it all to hell. In this final volume, we demolish the game mechanics, and offer something new to replace them.

What are werewolves, ultimately, but uncontrolled humans? Wild Children are just that: Humans that live only to cause mayhem and gratify themselves. Not Forsaken by any stretch of the imagination, these characters filter down the core pathos that makes playing werewolves fun, without the complexities of the full game.

All Good Gifts takes a long look at the spiritual powers of the Forsaken, and approaches them in a simpler, more holistic way. Werewolf abilities become personal and unique, often subtler, but altogether new and much more primal.

Do you want to play werewolves, but don’t want to bother with the complex systems and character creation? The Emergent Beast strips the Storytelling System down to a smidgen of its previous self. Characters exist as a small series of traits, centered mostly on Renown. The game is simplified, to allow more energy spent to emphasize its strengths.

The Family removes tribe, Auspice, Gifts, Rites, and most everything else from Forsaken existence, along with the Shadow and most aspects of the condition. In the wake of all that removal, we leave the pack as the sole organization and interest of the Forsaken. This allows for complex systems of trust and betrayal to drive the game.

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