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Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide Part 3

White Wolf wypuściło trzecią część z zapowiedzianego czteroczęściowego dodatku Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide do systemu Werewolf the Forsaken.

Jest on dostępny na DriveThruRPG jako pdf w cenie 3,99$ lub w ramach subskrypcji za 9,99$ za cały dodatek.

We’ve taken, we’ve given. Now, with Volume Three, we seek to spin Werewolf the Forsaken on its heels, to make it something completely new and change your perceptions of what the game can be.

Hunting Grounds: Ancient Sumer has the Uratha of modern nights in a parallel chronicle with the mighty Ur-Sag, dog-headed heroes of the ancient Sumerian city of Bau. No longer Forsaken, the Uratha take places as god-kings.

The Oath of the Moon explicitly forbids mating between the Uratha. Such deviance has terrible results. What if we remove that, and instead focus on interpersonal, romantic and otherwise sexual relationships with werewolves? We have Everything You Ever Wanted, focusing on a more urban fantasy take on the game.

Packs United assumes a higher structure amongst the Forsaken. There’s a hierarchy beyond a local pack, and grand Conclaves of Forsaken rule over the race. Experience a new level of blood and politics.

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