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Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide Part 2

White Wolf wypuściło drugą część z zapowiedzianego czteroczęściowego dodatku Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide do systemu Werewolf The Forsaken.

Jest on dostępny na DriveThruRPG jako pdf w cenie 3,99$ lub w ramach subskrypcji za 9,99$ za cały dodatek, udostępniany nam w momencie premiery ostatniej części.

With Volume One, we took away from the Forsaken and left them alone against the world. With Volume Two, we give to them new structures to experiment with.

Werewolves are the world’s greatest hunters. They often hunt spirits. Spirit Predation stories add to that concept, giving Forsaken the chance to hunt spirits not just for essence, but also for blessings dependent on their prey.

Packs are the highest form of actual organization Forsaken acknowledge. The Circuit has werewolf packs competing for supremacy, and using duels and challenges to resolve disputes.

Forsaken are underdogs. They’re hated by the world. Freedom Fighters adds a layer of nobility, where the Uratha are truly fighting for a cause. They become more like guerillas, fighting a timeless war they know they’re going to lose.

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